Special manufacturing technology is called for in the production of towers, foundation structures and large tube segments for the wind energy sector. With years of development work accomplished, AMBAU GmbH is a specialist in this field.

The precise requirements of manufacturing tolerance and the growing demands of quality call for a high degree of automation and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and equipment. Permanent innovations and investments in manufacturing technology and the expansion of capacity have enabled AMBAU GmbH to establish a leading position in the market.

AMBAU GmbH has equipped the plant at Cuxhaven with specialised technological equipment to handle the large dimensions of towers for offshore wind energy facilities.

Lifting gear and cranes lifting capacity up to 720 tonnes
Portable boring machines max. diameter 8 m
Rolling machines for sheets up to 160 mm, 3.000 mm wide
Welding equipment UP-4-Draht, Schweißroboter, div. UP & MAG Schweißautomaten
Semi-automatic frame welding devices  
Sensor-controlled milling machines for flange machining  
Continuous feed blasting plant/preservation line  
Blasting chambers for component dimensions 45 m x 8 m
Spray galvanizing