AMBAU produces towers for offshore and onshore wind energy plants at two different manufacturing sites.

With our interconnected plants we are able to ract flexibly to the requirements of the growth market of renewable energies. With our high degree of Automation and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant we guarantee low manufacturing tolerances and premium quality of our products.

Permanent innovations and Investments are the underlying quarantee for our success. Consequently, we are not only experts in the offshore field, but also pioneers in the onshore Segment.

Specialisation in conical and cylindrical components for Towers and pipe components gives us a head start with regard to expertise.

The loading Options of our plant Cuxhaven make them ideally suited for the shipping of on- and offshore components. 



Maximum component dimensions  
Diameter 8 m
Length 45 m
Weight 300 tonnes per segment
Production capacity about 300 towers annually


Manufacturing plants:

Cuxhaven | Gräfenhainichen