Offshore test field alpha ventus

Almost 3,200 tonnes of steel were consumed in the twelve towers for the high-performance wind turbines of alpha ventus, the first German offshore wind park, which, operating to full capacity, now produces enough electricity to meet the requirements of 50,000 three-member households.


Two wind turbine types from German manufacturers were constructed on two different foundations with different construction concepts. Six towers were erected on tripods and six more on jackets. Accordingly, two tower variants were supplied.


The first tower version – mounted on a tripod – is 69.1 metres long and consists of three segments. The height of the tower and the sheet thickness of up to 44 millimetres means that the tower weighs in at around 279 tonnes, including flange and components.


The second tower version – founded on a jacket – has a length of 62.8 metres and comprises two segments. This tower is almost completely cylindrical with a diameter of five metres. Around 253 tonnes of steel went into this tower, including flange and components, with a sheet thickness of up to 44 millimetres.


AMBAU is proud to have been part of this feat for the future.




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