Meerwind Süd | Ost

It took 4,200 pieces of shell plate, 48,000 square metres of offshore coating, more than 85,000 tonnes of steel, and 18 months for AMBAU to manufacture 80 sets of monopiles and transition pieces at its Cuxhaven and Bremen manufacturing locations for Bremerhaven-based WindMW.

The foundation structures are destined for use in the Meerwind Süd│Ost offshore wind farm 23 kilometres north of the island of Helgoland in the North Sea; the 80 3.6 MW-class wind turbines will be generating up to 288 MW for Germany's national grid, providing around 360,000 households with clean energy and saving a million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Meerwind Süd│Ost is one of the most promising offshore projects in Germany due to the site's excellent wind conditions and relatively shallow depths between 22 and 26 metres. Contract execution between the two parties proved smooth and professional, and AMBAU is looking forward to exciting projects with WindMW in the future.



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