SeaAngel Hunterstone Test Centre

On 24 September 2014 the largest offshore tower to date left the AMBAU plant in Cuxhaven for Scotland. Consisting of four segments, the tower has a total height of 106 metres and a diameter of 7.33 metres at the base flange, making it the largest of its kind.


AMBAU manufactured the tower on behalf of MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Europe, Ltd. The tower is mounted with the new 7-megawatt SeaAngel unit of the Japanese turbine manufacturer, with an innovative hydraulic drive and a rotor diameter of 167 metres.


The specialists at AMBAU collaborated closely with the technicians in Japan to create the design of the interior fittings. All steel components were then produced at the AMBAU plants in Gräfenhainichen and Am Mellensee before being mounted in the tower in Cuxhaven.


The tower is to be operated in Hunterston, on the northern Ayrshire coast of Scotland.



MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Europe, Ltd.


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